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High Standards

  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency


  • Combined $1 billion in transactions
  • Over 75+ years combined experience in developing and investing in real estate


  • We invest together with the Investor
  • IRR returns typically between 10% and 20% as well as certain real estate projects between 40%-65%

At Premier Crowdfunding, we invest along with our investors. Our co-founders invest in every real estate project alongside you, their contributions as high as 50% of each real estate crowdfunding project. You can be confident your investment dollars are in the stewardship of an experienced development team. Project after project, our real estate crowdfunding investors enjoy tremendous return on investment. In fact, we consistently deliver an IRR of between 10% and 20%. We have a combined $1 billion in commercial real estate transactions. We have over 75 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, and we have the highest standards of ethics and accountability. Because that’s what partnerships are all about.

Our Project Partners and Tenants

Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Kent State University
TriMark SS Kemp

Invite your friends to invest with us in quality real estate projects

It is our goal to revitalize and improve the communities that surround us. The buildings we revamp often become centerpieces of neighborhoods, give people job opportunities, and improve citizens’ qualities of life. Thanks to our hard-working team, a 140,000 square foot property that was empty for five years was transformed, and a tenant who brought jobs and life into the space is doing his part to improve the neighborhood.