Your investment with us

is not only financial

By investing in our properties, you contribute to revitalizing communities,
providing homes for businesses, and creating jobs for people.

2018, a growth year for Premier Crowdfunding

28% repeat real estate investors

$2,450,000 total raised

$816,667 average raised per property

66% increase in members

The Premier Crowdfunding Difference

“The value of companies like Premier is immeasurable. We have so many underserved neighborhoods that need a boost. Vacated buildings and empty spaces aren’t good for anyone. To be able to work with Premier to bring new energy into these commercial properties is something that is essential for our city’s success. I look forward working with them in the future to fill some other vacancies.”

– Mayor Dennis Morley, Eastlake, OH

Invest with us in quality real estate opportunities to revitalize communities and generate tremendous return on your investments.

It is our goal to revitalize and improve the communities that surround us. The buildings we revamp often become centerpieces of neighborhoods, give people job opportunities, and improve citizens’ qualities of life. Thanks to our hard-working team, a 140,000 square foot property that was empty for five years was transformed, and a tenant who brought jobs and life into the space is doing his part to improve the neighborhood.

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