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25 Mar

Alternative Assets

March 25, 2019 /  In Investment /  by

At Premier Crowdfunding, we provide the accredited investor with an online real estate alternative to traditional investment options like stocks and bonds. Investing in alternative investments like real estate allows the investor to diversify their investments, balance out their portfolio and seek a better overall return.

An alternative asset is an asset that is not considered one of the more conventional investment types, such as stocks or bonds. Alternative assets tend to be held by either accredited or institutional investors, and include private equity, real estate, and hedge funds among others.

Premier Crowdfunding investment properties are typically an industrial, manufacturing, or office facility leased by one or more tenant companies. These investments are not as liquid as stocks and bonds – the exit takes time. As with any investment, the investor needs to appreciate the risks and rewards of alternative assets.

Brian Lenahan,
Senior VP of Business Development, Premier Crowdfunding