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7 Jan

The Last Mile

The “last mile” or the “final mile” refers to the final stage of delivery, often called “e-commerce”. For companies whose business depends on moving goods from point A to point B, not delivering a package on time can dramatically increase logistic costs and consumer displeasure.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal titled New Gridlock […]

26 Jul

Upcoming Opportunity Zone Investment

Opportunity zones are government-created strategic areas where investments receive specific tax incentives. The idea behind them is to propel investment back into communities that have hit, or are about to hit, the bottom of the economic cycle in terms of value. They were added to the tax code in December of 2017, and the first […]

19 Jun

Why the Midwest?

When looking through our investment opportunities, you may notice something – almost all of our investments are located in the Midwest, and none are located in major metropolitan centers. Although big city investments may seem attractive to many investors, here at Premier we have our reasons for focusing on the Midwest. Check out the infographic […]

29 Apr

Alternative Finance Options – Port Authority Financing

When looking to bring additional value to a new construction project, there are several sources to consider. One such source is port authority financing. Port authority financing can provide for state and local tax exemptions on materials for new construction and expansion projects. This can mean considerable tax savings for a client. Port authority financing […]

25 Mar

Alternative Assets

At Premier Crowdfunding, we provide the accredited investor with an online real estate alternative to traditional investment options like stocks and bonds. Investing in alternative investments like real estate allows the investor to diversify their investments, balance out their portfolio and seek a better overall return. An alternative asset is an asset that is not […]

26 Feb

Real Estate Terms: Estoppel

Before starting their lease, a potential tenant is often asked to sign what is called an estoppel. Simply defined, this is a document that prevents someone from asserting something contrary to what is given on the lease. A tenant may be asked to “estop”, or to assert that a lease is accurate and true. For […]

23 Jan

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward 2018 was an excellent year in terms of economic growth. The GDP grew by 3.4% in 2018 compared to 2.2% in 2017¹. Looking at 2019, the question is whether The Federal Reserve will go too far and raise rates too much, resulting in a slow-down of the economy. At the […]

17 Dec

Premier Crowdfunding: A Stable Alternative

Concerned about the instability of the stock market or your retirement account? Join Premier Crowdfunding for a more stable investment. If you’ve been watching the stock market lately, you may have started worrying about your portfolio. Between the recent turmoil of the trade wars between China and the US, the looming threat of rising interest […]

21 Nov

Risk and the Gold Standard

At Premier, we believe in the importance of treating investors’ money as if it were our own. Premier partners always personally invest in the same deals we offer to the public. With any investment, there is always risk assessment. Investors want the comfort of quality real estate, good solid returns, and fast debt reduction. They […]

21 Nov

What is the value of clear height?

Whether you are a REIT, a private equity investor, a pension fund, or a developer, clear height is an important factor to consider when investing in industrial real estate. Clear height – how high a building’s ceilings are – greatly impacts how much product can be stored in a space. Taller buildings are also typically […]