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21 Nov

Risk and the Gold Standard

November 21, 2018 /  In Investment /  by

At Premier, we believe in the importance of treating investors’ money as if it were our own. Premier partners always personally invest in the same deals we offer to the public.

With any investment, there is always risk assessment. Investors want the comfort of quality real estate, good solid returns, and fast debt reduction. They all want to know their assets will continue to grow and blossom into retirement.

You will often find flashy, exciting, too-good-to-be-true commercial real estate deals promoted online. Inexperienced investors will often take part in them, with glowing expectations of high yield returns and wonderful locations. The reality is that these deals are often bought with low-rate financing at the height of the market and are highly leveraged. Within a few years the deal turns south and takes the investors’ hard-earned money with it.

We like to think of our deals as the “Gold Standard.” We offer a good market returns on cash invested, and take a disciplined approach to debt reduction. The result is a secure investment with a very real and respectable internal rate of return.

Our returns may not be the absolute highest available in the market, but as a Premier Crowdfunding Investor, you can rest easy knowing that:

  • Our returns are as good as they are dependable, and our tenants are strictly vetted.
  • Our deals are found, vetted, and structured by a team of seasoned real estate professionals with over 75 years’ combined experience.
  • We take a responsible, disciplined approach to the paydown of debt.

The Premier Crowdfunding model – the Gold Standard!