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26 Feb

Real Estate Terms: Estoppel

February 26, 2019 /  In Investment /  by

Before starting their lease, a potential tenant is often asked to sign what is called an estoppel. Simply defined, this is a document that prevents someone from asserting something contrary to what is given on the lease.

A tenant may be asked to “estop”, or to assert that a lease is accurate and true. For example, if Premier were buying a building that already has a tenant inside, we would have that tenant sign an estoppel to verify that there are no side-deals or verbal agreements with the former landlord that would deviate from the facts and obligations written in the lease. The term was first recorded in 1530, and comes from the Anglo-French stoppel, which meant “to stop or hinder someone from deviating from the truth.”

In order to close a real estate transaction, the bank or lending institution always requires an estoppel. Together with a good title and a survey, an estoppel serves as a verification of the transaction terms, and assures the accuracy of the figures presented.

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